Bachelor of Technology in Computer Engineeringat  Moi University

Bachelor of Technology in Computer Engineering at Moi UniversityCourse Description

The Bachelor of Technology degree in Computer Engineering
programme is concerned with the studies and practice of
developing and using computer systems in industry and
business. It emphasizes on the entire scope of computer
studies, ranging from basic hardware principles through
the design, system and application software levels to the
use and management of such systems to offer total IT
business solutions.

Bachelor of Technology in Computer Engineering at Moi University, course Objective

i.)train computer engineering graduates who can accomplish the design, construction and installation of systems and infrastructure facilities, using professional considerations;
ii.)train graduate engineers with sound knowledge in the fundamentals of Computer Science/ Engineering so as to enable them to participate in applied theoretical research as well as consultancy services;
iii.)develop entrepreneurial skills among graduate engineers as a basis for self employment;
iv.)develop positive and responsive vocational attitudes, initiative and creative thinking amongst graduate engineers that are oriented to the world of work;
v.)train computer engineers who can provide expert systems maintenance and support.

Bachelor of Technology in Computer Engineering, Summary

Subject Category Industry and Science
Study Method
Sub-category Engineering and Manufacturing
Duration 5Years
Certification Bachelors Degree
School Moi University
Intake Date

Bachelor of Technology in Computer Engineering at Moi University