Dietetics Managementat  Mt Kenya University

Dietetics Management at Mt Kenya UniversityCourse Description

The dietetics management course is designed to provide the trainee with knowledge, skills and attitudes required in the dietetics profession. These attitudes are useful in providing nutrition related services to the community, food industries, feeding programmes, hospitals and to individuals. This diploma is mandated by the Kenya Institute of Education and examined by the Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC).

Dietetics Management at Mt Kenya University, course Objective

To enable the trainee acquire practical skills, knowledge and attitudes required for the nutrition and dietetics profession. To understand the aspects of modern health care systems in the world. To understand the role of diet therapy in the management of disease and for healthy individuals. To appreciate the scientific aspect of food and its significance in diet.To plan, organize and implement the dietary management procedures. To relate methods of basic nutritional assessment to planning sound nutrition care for individuals and at the community level.

Dietetics Management, Summary

Subject Category Health Sciences
Study Method
Sub-category Other Health
Certification Diploma
School Mt Kenya University
Intake Date

Dietetics Management at Mt Kenya University