Primary Teacher Educationat  Nairobi Aviation College

Primary Teacher Education at Nairobi Aviation CollegeCourse Description

There will be 2 semesters of six months per year, Tuition fee can be paid in installments of 18,000 per semester, Exam fee is 4,000 per semester.Registration fee is 3500. This course is a program of Busoga University.A student enrolled for university Diploma at Nairobi Aviation College will enjoy Transfer of diploma Credits to Second/third year of a bachelor degree program at Busoga University or any Public University, Both in Kenya and Uganda. Examination shall be set, invigilated and marked by the University who shall award certificates.
All University Diploma students are required to undertake a six months research on a defined field of study and produce a research/publication project work. 4,500 will be paid by each student or research work.

Primary Teacher Education, Summary

Subject Category Humanities Education
Study Method
Sub-category Education
Duration 2 years
Certification Diploma
Fee 18,000
School Nairobi Aviation College
Intake Date

Primary Teacher Education at Nairobi Aviation College