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A typical wood or plastic rain barrel will hold anywhere from 150-300 litres of water.  On average this will be enough to keep any garden growing.

If you are motivated to start collecting rainwater here are a few items that you will need to make your system successful:

  • You need to invest in gutters if you don?t already have them on your home.  Gutters are an essential part in directing your downspout to the barrel to collect water.
  • The rain barrel or tank.  You can purchase a pre-made barrel at a local hardware store or from a Jua-kali entrepreneur.
  • A screen to filter out leaves, pine needles, or any other debris found on your roof.  Simply mount a removable screen to the top of the barrel or at the bottom of the downspout.  And remember to keep your gutters clean. Clean gutters will cut down on debris and clogs to your rain barrel.
  • A lid to protect your rain barrel from mosquitoes breeding in the water and to keep other small animals and children out of the barrel.
  • Last but not least, you will need a distribution device.  Attach a tap with an on/off valve or a short hose to the bottom of the barrel.  This will allow you to access the water and use where needed.

Looking to get started?  If a drought busting rain barrel system is right for you think about contacting one of our locally available MJ?s Handymen in your area ? were ready to help you cross of this home improvement project from your to-do list.

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El Nio Make use of the water