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Banana Hill Art Gallery overview

Banana Hill Art Gallery is a trend-setting gallery on the boundaries of Nairobi, exhibiting some of East Africa?s most stunning paintings and sculptures. We represent over seventy artists from all over Africa, with an emphasis on contemporary African art from painters and sculptors in East Africa.
Our Gallery in the town of Banana Hill, just North of the famous Village Market in Nairobi (click here to see a map) is well worth a visit for any lover of contemporary art from Kenya and Africa.
The Art we exhibit in our art gallery in Nairobi is full of life; artists express themselves in many ways through their works, and we are proud to allow this freedom of expression. Subjects vary from daily life in urban and rural settings, to still lives, to wildlife scenery, to abstract arts and traditional African settings, colours and patterns. What all our Art has in common is that they are packed with tales from the heart of Africa, seen through the eyes of African artists.
We pride ourselves in being one of the best among the art galleries in Nairobi, where African art and African artists are given the exposure they need, and deserve.
Learning about African art is a process. One has to be exposed to it, become acquainted with it?s unique qualities, and then focus on which of these qualities are suited to one?s individual preference. This can take time, but we?ll guarantee you, it will be quality time! And of all the art galleries in Nairobi, we offer the best circumstances to spend that quality time, amidst breath-taking art.
We offer an online shop for our art works, which provides safe and secure payment and shipping methods. Wherever you may find yourself, we can provide the art of your choice in a speedy and safe manner. Click here to enter our shop.
We hope to welcome you soon in our stunning art gallery in Nairobi!
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Banana Hill Art Gallery, Summary

Safari Type Things To Do
Sub-Type Museums & Galleries
County Kiambu
Location Limuru
Road Banana Hill Road
Mobile +254 733 882660
Other Contacts +254 711756911, +254 733882660, +254700807362

Banana Hill Art Gallery  in  Limuru