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Bird Watching Safari overview

Birdwatching East Africa is a nature safari company running not only birdwatching but also wildlife photographic, wildlife & family-reunion holidays both in lodges and Mobile-tented Camps. We so also run Mobile-field Research Stations around the country.
To a hardcore birdwatcher here is a sample on our records. 756 species of birds, 52 mammals including Big Five & Cheetah, 5 species of agama lizards, 5 species of geckoes, 8 species of frogs among others in a sheer 23 days.
And if that's not typical of you, we won?t wake you up at 4am to track down that tiny grey-looking hooting owlet behind your room or detour 3 hours on rough road insearch of just but a brown nondescript endemic cisticola.
If you are a nature enthusiast in search of Big Game, wildebeest migration and probably sunbath along our beautiful coastal beaches while on a Family Holiday Safari.....we are here for you!!!!
To field logistics for a group of up to 50 school, college or university students out doing field research or field courses and need a field class to study when back from the days fieldwork, a field dining and a tent with a bed to sleep on, a field shower and a field toilet to a field research assistance on different taxas, we will provide. We have done it before and we will do for you.

Bird Watching Safari, Summary

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Bird Watching Safari  in  Nairobi