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Boko-Boko Porini Farm Restaurant overview

Boko-Boko Porini Farm Restaurant Overview
Set among a jungle of tropical plants and gardens, this wonderful Seychelloise restaurant is somewhere to treasure if you enjoy nature and a tranquil setting.
The Porini Farm restaurant is surrounded by a mature, lush, green, equatorial jungle which has been lovingly cared for and nurtured. Water features, an amazingly peaceful and tranquil atmosphere put with attentive and beautiful waitresses, dressed in colourful uniforms, ensure that each guest feels special and comfortable in the Porini Farm Restaurant.
Before and after each meal, each guest is offered a clay pot filled with lime infused water to wash their hands in. This is a Seychelloise tradition and like so many other details in the dining experience at Porini, the feeling is that Yolanda, the Manager and owner really does care about her restaurant, her staff and her guests.
An extensive menu of Seychelloise dishes is offered with chargrilled meat and fish being the house speciality. Traditional spices create an exotic blend of aromas and tastes to suit everyone. Jumbo prawns, seafood platters, Porini Chicken steamed in tamarind sauce, or Boko Boko Fillet (well marinated and grilled over charcoal) are some of the items on the menu.

Roaming around the expansive gardens, you may also bump into one of the giant tortoises who live here. Originally from the Island Aldabra, these enormous tortoises are big enough for an adult to sit on (though we don't encourage this!)
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Boko-Boko Porini Farm Restaurant, Summary

Safari Type Restaurants
Sub-Type Traditional
County Bungoma
Location Kikambala
Road Kikambala
Capacity 15 - 30 $USD
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Boko-Boko Porini Farm Restaurant  in  Kikambala