Bungee Jumping at the Tana, Adventure Things To Do.Adventure Things To Do  in  Sagana

Bungee Jumping at the Tana overview

Bungeewalla, is the first Bungee jumping operation set up within East Africa.
Our steel tower is built on the scenic banks of the Tana river near Sagana, only 95 kms from Nairobi on the Nyeri road. Andreas, our German jump master has been trained by Skybreakers of Finland and is naturally, big on high safety standards.
We require a minimum of 3 jumpers but can cater for up to 20 to 30 jumpers when we do jumps as part of corporate team buildings. It is a fun day out of Nairobi or could be part of your Safari up north, either way, bring your picnic lunch and go for it! Don?t forget your video camera to capture the day you faced your fear and had a buzz for 2 days after the event!!

The tower is on the banks of the Tana river. Your first glimpse of the river gleans with red volcanic soil as it follows its long, winding journey down to the Indian Ocean. Above this, you see the top of the bungee tower, a cage festooned with prayer flags flapping in the wind.
Andreas Reblin has years of experience as the operator for Bungeewalla, and as soon as you arrive his warm handshake welcomes you. James, his assistant in training, shows you to the weighing scale, after which you will be fitted with chest and leg harnesses, clipping you onto the ascender. Then, with a smile of encouragement you start to climb the 178 steps (Andreas has counted them).
Before you know it, you've climbed the almost vertical ladder until you're standing in the jump cage! As strange as it seems, It all just happens; you get towards the gate and in the distance you check out the view of Mount Kenya and the hills all around you. The glinting water is 60 meters below you and at this point, you realise that this is not all fun and games, it's really happening! Then the cage door opens and you dimly hear tatu, mbili, moja, "GO face your fears" . And somehow, you are out of the cage.
You have this sublime freefall, the water rushes to you and you are weightless .........and then the bungee rope kicks in, you rebound, you hear a whoop and you know it came from you.
The adrenaline rush will last you, nay, carry you for the next 3 hours, and even when you're back at your desk at work, you'll still have that daft grin on your face saying, ha, I have faced my fears, bring it on!
Bungeewalla are found in a plot adjacent to Savage Wilderness Safaris, who offer various other outward bound activities, including whitewater rafting, kayaking and more. Camping at the SWS site is possible, and you can hire their tents etc or you can bring your own. For more details about transport or other logistical issues, contact Bungeewalla.
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Bungee Jumping at the Tana, Summary

Safari Type Things To Do
Sub-Type Adventure
County Muranga
Location Sagana
Road Riandira
email reblin@mitsuminet.com
Website www.raftinginkenya.com
Mobile +254 712 3094
Other Contacts +254 733 613 132 / +254 734 819 361

Bungee Jumping at the Tana  in  Sagana