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Forty ThievesBeach Bar overview

Forty Thieves Beach Bar Overview
The Forty Thieves beach bar and restaurant is literally right on the beach in Diani. This lively bar and restaurant has huge comfy chairs to sprawl in as you relax and soak up the atmosphere of waves lapping against the shore, beautiful people promenading along the beach, and the sun shining through the dappled shade of coconut palms.

By day, guests walk into the Forty Thieves straight from the beach, often in their swim wear, perhaps with a kikoi (sarong) wrapped around them, so dress code is not exactly an issue! It’s location is right in the middle of Diani beach so it means that it can be reached by almost any of the hotels found along Diani beach. The Forty Thieves serves good food (including vegetarian), snacks and refreshing juices, sodas and beer. Try the Swahili Prawns, Fussilli Ciociara or Gogonzola & Bacon Bruschetta. There are pool tables, darts, live entertainment and satellite TV, which make it a popular, family friendly place for just hanging out! There’s an Ice cream & Pizza parlour and Baba’s Bistro & Cyber Cafe


The Forty Thieves becomes a night spot and meeting point for many of the local residents and visitors staying in nearby hotels. Discos are on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights.


A buffet lunch with live music is on Sundays, together with a game of beach cricket which always proves popular.

Quiz Night:

This is on the 1st Tuesday of every month and is set by a team of regular participants.

The Forty Thieves beach bar and restaurant is run by the same people who own the Ali Barbour’s restaurant next door. This amazing restaurant is in an ancient underground cave, over 10 metres below ground level!.
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Forty ThievesBeach Bar, Summary

Safari Type Restaurants
Sub-Type Cafes & Bars
County Bungoma
Location Diani
Road Diani Road
Capacity 15 - 30 $USD
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Forty ThievesBeach Bar  in  Diani