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Gipsys Club overview

Gipsy's Overview
Gipsy's is probably the most popular and well known bar for expats and locals in Nairobi. It has a great atmosphere and a eclectic mix of people who go there, from locals, ex-pats and aid workers.

The bar has grown over the past decade from a tiny one room bar to a thriving, and very popular drinking hole. It has several sections that includes three, intimate bars which serve regular drinks and cocktails. It also has a small dance floor, restaurant, and several areas to sit or stand and where waiters will come and bring you more drinks. Although the bar feels more like a club, the fact that it's divided into small areas, the atmosphere is intimate and friendly.

At weekends, Gipsies is guaranteed to be bursting at the seams where the drinkers and party-goers spill over on to the pavement outside

The cosy and intimate, Gipsy Barfly Restaurant, upstairs has around 10 tables, and excellent food is served, including seafood dishes and bitings. Don't go there for a quiet meal though, as the disco downstairs can be pretty loud.

Wednesday's is a 70s disco night with rare vinyl mix by DJ Terry. It starts at 9pm and goes on 'til the the next morning!
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Gipsys Club, Summary

Safari Type Nightlife
Sub-Type Night Clubs
County Nairobi
Location Westlands
Road Waiyaki Way
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Gipsys Club  in  Westlands