Osteria Del Chianti, Italian Restaurants.Italian Restaurants  in  Hurlingham

Osteria Del Chianti overview

Osteria Del Chianti is a really nice Italian restaurant with a classic Italian feel. Lining the walls in the entrance are bottles of fine wine. Tucked around the corner is a large delicatessen counter, which offers a superb selection of cheeses, cold meats and marinades, which enhances the authentic Italian atmosphere. The dining area is divided into two sections, an outside courtyard creates a Mediterranean feel with tables shaded by large umbrellas, ceramic burners for cool evenings and a jungle of plants and plant pots. Inside, the décor is clean and stylish with whitewashed walls, Italian details and a personal atmosphere with quiet nooks, making a perfect setting for a romantic dinner with a loved one.

The food is typically Italian fare with wonderful thin crust pizzas fresh from the oven. A variety of interesting pasta dishes and variations of tender, roasted meats which compliment and contrast with fresh salads and authentic antipasta dishes using Italian cold meats, cheeses and marinades.

It’s advisable to book ahead if at all possible as Osteria Del Chianti is a popular venue and can get especially busy in the evenings, due to its close proximity to the lively Arabian style nightclub “Casablanca” which is just next door within the same grounds.
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Osteria Del Chianti, Summary

Safari Type Restaurants
Sub-Type Italian
County Nairobi
Location Hurlingham
Road Lenana Road
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Osteria Del Chianti  in  Hurlingham