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The Carnivore overview

Fancy nibbling on a bit of crocodile? Or, perhaps ostrich is more to your taste! Whether you’re meat lover or not, this restaurant just has to be on your itinerary while you’re in Nairobi. It’s just another one of those unique experiences in Kenya that you’re unlikely to get anywhere else in the world!

As soon as you set foot in the door, and enter the low lit, exotic interior you’ll see the massive open fire and tribal spears packed full of meat. If you visit for a lunch time meal, you will be more likely to eat in the restaurant’s beautiful gardens and soak up the fresh air and African sunshine

You start your meal by indicating to the waiters that you want to try their delicacies! To do this you raise a small flag on your table and throughout the meal, the waiters walk around offering a variety different kinds of meat. In the past, the Carnivore was famous for it's exotic game meat; however, this isn't allowed anymore due to stricter laws. Farmed crocodile and ostrich is available now, together with a wide variety of conventional meats. Just in case you found the crocodile a little too chewy for your taste! (personally, I love it, as it tastes something between fish and chicken) there are plenty of other delicious offerings to temp you. If, meat is definitely not your thing, there is also an excellent selection of vegetarian options available and also a set menu, which also has a good selection of meals.

Carvers will slice the meat directly onto your plate alongside a healthy serving of traditional of salads, veggies and so on. But it doesn’t end there – it’s an all you can eat affair, and carvers will keep offering you their exotic delicacies throughout the meal until you eventually decide to surrender! When you finally do, you can lower the flag to signal your defeat. Until you’re ready for dessert, that is.

The Carnivore offers locals and tourists a great African eating experience, Twice voted amongst the world’s 50 best restaurants by an expert panel in ‘Restaurant ‘ magazine, the Carnivore is described as ‘amazing’

The Carnivore restaurant is only a part of this large conglomerate of entertainment venues.

Entertainment and nightclub

In the evening large open air concerts are sometimes held, with local and internationally known performers (Maxi Priest, ‘Shaggy’, Sean Paul, Brenda Fassi, Salif Keta, Ismael Lo etc). These events are able to hold up to 20,000 people!

From Wednesday to Sunday the Carnivore nightclub operates, hosting themed nights to cater for fans of contemporary African music, rock, soul, jazz and the latest hits.

Business travelers & conferences.

For business’s and companies who are looking to host a large gathering, the large 450-seater Simba Salon, is able to organise such events.

Children’s activities

the Simba Salon is a bar and burger style restaurant found to the side of the main Carnivore restaurant. There’s a fairly large and fun play area for children so they can swing, jump and climb while you relax with a drink!

Other activities

Next door to this is a popular go-carting track (for grown ups too) and “Splash” which is a swimming pool with slides, camel rides etc!

The Carnivore is part of the Tamarind Group, which was voted - EAST AFRICA'S MOST RESPECTED COMPANY : 2005 & 2006
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The Carnivore, Summary

Safari Type Restaurants
Sub-Type International
County Nairobi
Location Langata
Road Langata Road
Capacity 30+ USD
Other Contacts

The Carnivore  in  Langata