Bachelor of Real Estateat  Nairobi University

Bachelor of Real Estate at Nairobi UniversityCourse Description

The Bachelor of Real Estate curriculum at the University of Nairobi is a response to the changing trends in the real estate industry and allows for a considerable degree of flexibility and integration of several disciplines.

The Bachelor of Real Estate programme at the University of Nairobi was developed in consultation with various stakeholders in the real estate industry including professional bodies and government organisations. It has re-structured or re-packaged some units in the old programme (Bachelor of Arts in Land Economics), embraced new concepts and practices in the industry and introduced new course units.

To improve on its utility, the The Bachelor of Real Estate programme at the University of Nairobi has been developed to offer the Bachelor of Real Estate degree with two options namely, valuation and property management, and land and housing administration.

The valuation and property management option allows graduates to acquire skills in real property-related disciplines, including information communication technology for use in computer-aided and mass valuations; investment appraisals and financial analysis of property developments; appreciation of commercial business values within the context of property development and to understand the legal framework within which the property investment, development, valuation and management processes occur.

The land and housing administration option equips students with a comprehensive understanding of concepts and application of both land information systems (LIS) and Geographical Information Systems; Land and Housing administration, Land policy framework , land and use management and the dynamics and operation of land and housing markets.

Bachelor of Real Estate, Summary

Subject Category Architecture and Planning
Study Method
Sub-category Property Management
Duration 4 years
Certification Bachelors Degree
School Nairobi University
Intake Date

Bachelor of Real Estate at Nairobi University