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Ref. No MU663

Subject Category Humanities Education
Study Method
Sub-category Social Science
Certification Bachelors Degree
School Nairobi University
Intake Date

BACHELOR OF PSYCHOLOGY COUNSELING at Nairobi University, full Description

Social, economic, cultural and political transformations rapidly taking place in Kenya and this sub-region in general are causing a variety of social and psychological problems. As a result, there is increasing need for the services of well trained counselors and counseling psychologist to address these problems due to this the University of Nairobi has set up a course to curb this problem.

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BACHELOR OF PSYCHOLOGY COUNSELING at Nairobi University, course Objective

The objectives of the programme are:

i) To understand and appreciate the role of politics in human life.

ii) To equip students with skills of understanding and conducting research on politics, political processes and political systems globally.

iii) To acquire appropriate skills that can enable students to effectively participate and contribute to political development in the country.

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